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In the textile machinery sector the needs linked to flexibility and functionality of the activation systems are continuously growing to be market oriented.
The machines must operate dynamically and economically in the different applications.

The new technology requires offering use simplicity and at the same time maximum precision and quality products.
Our machines allow our clients to work with controlled times and adaptable to other products.
Choosing our spare parts mean maintaining unaltered the reliability of our machines over the years. Each single gear is synergistically integrated to the other to prevent wasting and dispersing energy, optimising opportunity and convenience.

Bespoke Design

Our experience in the sector and our knowhow are the basis for the development of new ideas to allow our clients to innovate and expand their businesses. We create the ideas of the client with targeted customisations.

Spare parts

All the spare parts supplied by GIGLIOTTI are original, certified by our company, and made to be long-lasting.

Apart from offering the highest quality, we also guarantee cost saving.


Our over 45 year experience in the sector of fancy and chenille yarns textile machinery allowed us to achieve considerable experience in the preservation and maintenance of the same machines and in the research of new technological solutions completely “Made in Italy”.